Five Essential Moves To Monetize & Close Online/Offline 
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Learn The Five Essential Moves That Produce New Clients And Revenue Whenever You Present, Coach, Train -- Run MasterMinds, Workshops And Webinars -- Online/Offline -- From The Man Who's Clients Include Russell Brunson, Dan Lok, Mia Redrick, Alex Mandossian, Jordan Belfort, Terri Levine, Robert Allen & Peng Joon -- To Name A Few...
Your funnel, web-site, language, traffic, advertising, sound and image quality doesn't matter -- if you cannot deliver a compelling, interactive, and engaging closing presentation that monetizes. 

Nothing matters if you can't convert.

Without online conversions, you are out of business.

Nothing else matters if you cannot close.

Learn the 5 essential moves that monetize whenever you speak.
 Joel Bauer will be training You Personally with the same techniques and strategies that have produced massive revenue for over four Thousand  Students Internationally Offline/online -- It's Your Turn!
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Hear From Some Of Joel's Highest Producing Earners:

These FIVE Essential Moves Will Increase Your Conversion Online/Offline

No matter how much experience your have presenting -- in less than two hours, Joel will award you five essential moves, strategies, and skills -- that will make your presentation memorable and monetizable.

And that's only just the beginning.  

This two hour workshop is going to be presented "LIVE" only ONCE. 

Your participation will take your presentation skills to a whole new level -- virtually overnight.

Here's the kicker.  

You'll learn the most important skills in any business -- presenting and closing.

Mark my words. 

Converting online doesn't need to feel salesy or manipulative.

In fact, your presentation approach can be a seamless process of providing insurmountable real value to your audience.

Best of all, you'll be able to make an offer for them to continue working with you -- as they sense your authenticity and heart connection.

For over three decades, speakers and marketers have invested significant sums to gain access to 
what you will receive for free.

Most speakers and trainers never learn how to close and convert with predictive precision -- Never! They talk about it, but that's all they do.  For over four decades Joel Bauer has been presenting, and closing with staggering results -- more amazing is Joel's ability to transfer these technique based skills -- to virtually anyone with open mind and heart -- often saving them -- the 15-40 year learning curve.

If you do not take ownership of these five techniques and strategies -- on how to close and monetize -- you won't be in business for long.

Once Joel demonstrates how you can close a "LIVE" audience one time - you'll then have the opportunity to AUTOMATE your entire online engagement and conversion process. Needless to say, if you're NOT there for the entire workshop, you'll miss out on mastering these five mission-critical skills and strategies. 

There are so many benefits in mastering these powerful closing skills. Once you start utilizing the five essential moves from the workshop, you'll start triggering your audience's emotions and feelings as well. 

All you have to do is allow Joel to transfer these five monetizing moves. They will make all the difference in the world for you, your family and your business. A few months from now, you can either be crying because you didn't attend - or laughing all the way to the bank. The choice is yours..

These 5 moves are the exact sequence and system that Joel has taught to 1,000's of speakers, coaches and entrepreneurs. In these 2 hours you will get the exact same system 

Usually: $997.00

This Is Joel's Gift To You Now -- For Limited Time!

What We'll Cover:

  • PRESENT How to present yourself in a way where you are unforgettable from your first point of contact
  • PERSUADE How to persuade those who normally wouldn't give you the time of day who are now hanging on your every word and action
  • ​How To Convert More Clients At Your Webinars & Seminars (Without Feeling Salesy or Manipulative)
  • ​The Art Of Closing Online/Offline To Virtually Anyone & From Anywhere (and even automate the process)
  • ​The 5 essential conversion moves that have been personally taught to experts which include: Dan Lok, Terri Levine, Jordan Belfort, Peng Joon, Mia Redrick, Harry Dent, Eben Pagan, Joe Polish, Mark Victor Hansen, and many more...
  • You're being coached/trained by 'The Mentors Mentor' The Godfather Of The Close - retained by many of the highest grossing presenters online/offline in the world.
  • ​This Isn't Created For Broad Appeal, It's Only For Those Who Seriously Want To Scale Their Online Closing Revenue.
  • ​These proven moves  are applicable for ANY Business Across ALL Markets Globally!  Joel has crafted closing presentations for Apple, Motorola, 3M, Mitsubishi, Shell, Canon, IBM, Intel, Cargill, and Panasonic to name a few…
  • As an added bonus: Joel will include a "Live" Q&A
    embracing many of your questions in real-time. 
    (coaching and leadership skills are revealed during these question and answer opportunities which many model )
  • ​You'll be given the tools to present/monetize online/offline globally in front of your ideal audience -- positioning you as an authority -- and the ONLY LOGICAL CHOICE. 

Many Of The Most Profitable Online/Offline Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Authors And Coaches Have Been Mentored By Joel Bauer:

Usually: $997.00

At This Time There Is No Cost To You...

Here's What (Just A Few) Students Have To Say


closing and speaking authority


Some people call Joel Bauer the “mentor’s mentor”. Others call him “the Godfather of the close” or “the world’s BEST platform speaker trainer”. Joel’s career is the stuff of marketing and sales legend. His accomplishments and unique presentation choices are frequently the topic of high-level insider shop talk.

Why do so many top-producing online marketers and platform presenters point to this one man as the source of their technique, their mindset and their success?

Peng Joon, Russell Brunson, Jordan Belfort, Rhonda Swan, and are all students of this same mentor. They call him "the best", "a living legend", "the Godfather of the modern close".

For over three decades, his live events, systems and techniques have empowered starters and pros alike to Discover, Design and Deliver their gift onstage and online. His proven track record and methods have secured him clients which include: Motorola, 3M, Mitsubishi, Shell, Canon, IBM, Intel, Cargill, and Panasonic, to name a few.

He’s presented from stages in front of hundreds of thousands, with record-setting closing rates. He’s been on just about every major television network, including ABC, NBC, CBS, MTV and CNN and appeared in too many major newspapers and magazines to count. And up until one of his students (Russell Brunson) topped his records, Joel held the record for 1st, 2nd and 3rd highest gross sales from a single-stage.

But none of those “bragging rights” or “claims to fame” really matter much to Joel. See… the real reason so many people (including the biggest names) seek him out, and the reason you’ve probably heard his name come up more than once isn’t any of those things.

Joel’s real gift for everyone, including you, if you’re looking to connect better and monetize more, is his LEGENDARY 20-MOVE MATRIX. If you ask your “guru”, mentor, coach or trainer what their process is for genuinely connecting and “killing it on the close”, odds are it will track back to Joel’s Proprietary Matrix.

Get your seat for this immersive coaching experience, as Joel over-delivers and transfers his experience to you – knowledge that you CANNOT find anywhere else.



  • Learn the most effective positioning/closing strategy to implement for any business online 
  • Walk away with five plus strategies/techniques you'll actually use in monetizing your presentation -- to secure more leads, sales and clients online/offline
  • ​Create authority and rapport when you present yourself out of the gate
  • ​Go from being the 'best kept secret' to in demand and in command



  • Learn the five moves that Joel has transferred to many of the world's highest producers which include:  Russell Brunson, Jordan  Belfort, Mia Redrick, & Dan Lok
  • Advanced & repeatable systems and closes that will differentiate you online/offline
  • Eliminate the 15-40 year learning curve in sales & marketing. Plus receive the processes that are working right now in this market for presenters all over the world



  • Learn how to turn prospects into clients -- engaging them with the desire for long-term mentorship
  • Go from speaking to fueling your seminars, webinars, masterminds, and workshops with qualified new students of your
    proven processes
  • ​Take ownership of proven -- easily understood closing techniques --
    that will empower you in
    manifesting your clients objectives short-term and long-term

Closing strategies designed to HELP any PERSON live a life by design -- not by default.

For all Business Owners, Entrepreneur’s, Speakers, Coaches, Authors or Startups…



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Who Is This Event For?

This event is for coaches, speakers, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, business men and women, marketers, PR, event managers, FMCG’s, small , medium and large businesses, freelancers, artists, musicians, non-profit leaders, CEOs, teachers and real estate brokers 

Can I Bring My Business Partner Or Spouse With Me?

Absolutely we recommend bringing your business partner or spouse with you. We urge you to invite anyone who's tired of presenting their ideas, experience, and proven-process without the ability to monetize

What Time & Day Is The Event?

You can watch the training immediately
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